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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Grammy Nominations: Good, but not good enough

Good news and bad news from yesterday's announcement of the 2005 Grammy nominees.

Good news first: The National Academy of Recording Arts didn't overlook Musicology. Well, they really didn't have a choice - 6 months in the Billboard Top 10 made it Prince's most successful album since 1991.

The nominations the man deservedly received:
Best R&B Album (Musicology)
Best R&B Song ("Call My Name")
Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance ("Musicology")
Best Male R&B Vocal Performance ("Call My Name")
Best Male Pop Vocal Performance ("Cinnamon Girl")

I suppose you can guess the bad news: No album of the year nomination. Now that really doesn't make sense - especially if you look at some of the albums that were nominated (Green Day's American Idiot comes to mind here).

Kinda reminds me of 1987, when Prince did get a nomination for Album of the Year (for the brilliant Sign 'O' The Times, nowadays considered by many the best album of the 80s) and lost to that horrible band... what's their name... right, U2.

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