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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Top Five Things To Do If You Wanna See R.E.M. At The Apollo

Well, actually not a top five - more like a list of five things you need to do if you want to see R.E.M. perform at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on February 19th. Or, to be precise, a list of five things I did to get a ticket.
The Apollo, of course, is the intimate venue where I spent three nights with Prince (and 3000 other people) in October 2002, and one night with Norah Jones last April. But back to my favourite rock band - here are the five steps:

1. Try to buy a ticket for the show through the official fanclub presale on remHQ.

2. Fail to do so because all London tickets sell out within two minutes of going online.

3. Think and act swiftly and buy two tickets for the Birmingham show instead - despite the fact that it's a bigger (less intimate) venue, not to mention the 3-hour drive.

4. Log on to ebay.co.uk, look around for a bit and buy a ticket for the sold out Apollo show - for £80 instead of £40.

5. Stay logged on to your eBay account and sell your tickets for the Birmingham concert, which by now is sold out as well, for an equally ridiculous price.

(6. Not applicable: Make profit.)
I almost did, though. And if you include the costs of getting my ass to Birmingham, I'm definitely getting a better deal.

My sister went to see them in Basel just two weeks ago and had an amazing time. What else would you expect from a lead singer who wears this kind of makeup?
Looking forward...


Anonymous said...

hey judge, dass isch ja fascht wiƤ Monkey Island: benutze "r.e.m. birmingham" mit "ebay"...

gut kombiniert, mein junge.


Judge Jonathan said...

Haha... tja so chammers au gseh...