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-Kurt Vonnegut

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Clinton is gay?

And Israel knew about it?

Well, yes, according to Abu Hamza al-Masri, former head preacher at London's Finsbury Park Mosque (needless to say, sic):

"Now all these dogs of the West they have to go now, none of them have condemned what Israel has done to the Muslims and the Palestinians. But as soon as three soldiers snatched from South Lebanon and some of them are being killed in Palestine they all go to their hands and knees - Robin Cook to go there on his hands and knees, even Clinton.

Why they act like sugar daddy for Israel? Because they love the Israelis? No way! Because they hate them very much, but the Israelis know how to deal with them.

They got a file for each one of these politicians, how much homosexual you are, how many money he has taken as bribe, whom his wife goes with, which child he has been abusing and they got all this against them."

(Found on cnn.com yesterday.)

It gets more serious later, when he claims that Allah cursed the Jews and "sent Hitler for them". But hey, at least he doesn't deny it happened.


Spindoctor said...

Apparently Sharon's stroke is divine retribution for handing over Gaza (Pat Robertson)...or is it Allah's for not withdrawing from the West Bank as well...

If one God doesn't get you the other will...

benjistoney said...