I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around,
and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Judge Jonathan just realized: 2006 is here!

Well this blog sure is ready for 2006 (see its flashy new title!)... so why not look at some of the exciting new things I've got for you this year:

***Happy to report I got rid of most of the junk on the left hand side, which now features only the best of links (the list is still incomplete, of course) and the often imitated, never duplicated, one and only, official Judge Jonathan Link of the Month! (At the moment, I must confess it's still just a filler - not to diminish the value of buzztracker.org - but sources tell me next month's will blow you away)

***Another issue yours truly has been working on: Categories! That's right, that neat little feature every blog has - except the ones based on Google's Blogger, that is. Why exactly Google/Blogger have failed to introduce categorization (and why it still isn't on their to do list) is beyond me, but I had a look around and, via Digg, found a neat and very simple way to fix the problem:

Basically, you just tag the title or post body and let Google's Blog Search do the rest. The individual category listings are then displayed as search results. Dan Chong provides all the details, plus a really cool script generator (and Taher Baderkhan adds what I think is a Javascript alternative).

Only problem for me is that Google somehow won't search my entire blog (give it a try up there), making the whole thing pretty useless for me at this point. But I will get them to fix that (somehow), so look out for little self-made tags at the bottom of my posts from now on. The categories JJtags are coming soon - be prepared. Be, erm, very prepared.

***Another 'coming soon': Judge Jonathan will actually collaborate with some people on a new, cool, exciting and funky web project. More details soon, but again, the word on the street is that it has something to do with next month's Link of the Month! You know you're curious now.

***And finally: This highly comprehensive and informative (yet mildly amusing) post brings the total number of posts this month to a staggering four (yes, that's 4), making January 2006 the busiest month on judgejonathan.blogspot.com in a long time. Am I back in the blogging business for good? Scary thought...

So, in conclusion, hello and welcome everybody to 2006 - almost a month late, of course. Expect that to be the norm around here, so take all promises listed above with a pinch of salt.

Bon appétit.


elle said...

jajaja, ganz vieli plän fürs neuä jahr...! aber sind das dänn nöd alles grossi wort ohni inhalt? wil, gwüssi läsär chönd sich sicher anäs verspräche vom judge jonathan erinnerä, dass er än bricht über sini letschte abentürliche reisä im fernä ostä berichtet... drum wartet also dä gspannti läsär erst mal ab, wieviel vo denä grosse vorhabe tatsächlich verwürklich wird!

Judge Jonathan said...


Da schiint öpper doch vergässe zha, dass Geduld e sehr wichtigi Eigeschaft isch, wänn mer treue Judge Jonathan-Leser wot bliibe - oder, um mich grad (wie ich das so gern mache) selber z'zitiere: "Take all promises listed above with a pinch of salt"!

Hm, vilicht trotzdem es Verspreche wo ich halte chan: De grossi und langersehnti Reisebricht wird no de Monat online sii! :)