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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Categories Update

After a week of trying out all kinds of tricks and hacks, I'm happy to announce I've found a solution for my categories problem. Three conclusions I came to on the way:

1) Google Blog Search sucks.

2) Technorati rules. (Wait, make that 73(hn0r471 r00£z.)

3) Tagging your posts increases your page visits. A lot.

So from now on, all posts will feature my very own JJtags at the end, each of which link to Technorati's respective tag page.
For categories, I simply added a list of tags I use most to my sidebar, and linked them to Technorati tag page displaying only posts by me! (It's as simple as that - to do it yourself, simply add "?user=yourusername" to any Technorati link, e.g. "http://technorati.com/tag/tagname?user=yourusername".)

A comprehensive list of ways to create categories and lots of other neat stuff with Blogger can be found at Freshblog's frequently-updated Blogger Hacks - The Series.

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