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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Emancipation depreciates

I suppose both the market value for and my personal opinion of Emancipation, Prince's (or rather, 's) 1996 triple-CD album, have dropped somewhat in the almost 9 1/4 years since I bought it for CHF50.- as a fresh Prince fan in my (very) early teens.

But despite being nowhere close the masterpiece it promised to be, Emancipation is not hardly as bad as this guy on eBay thinks:

PRINCE - EMANCIPATION Triple cd (1996)
Rubbish cd! would of listed at -1p had eBay allowed

An absolute joke cd from Prince, Sign, Squiggle, or whatever he calls himself these days... I bought this for £1.99 from HMV as it was a triple cd, and thought there must be some good tracks on there... but there ain't... trust me. Don't get me wrong, the discs themselves look great, and it may even be worth bidding on this, even if its only for the fat jewel case, to replace a broken one elsewhere, as these can be hard to find!!!

Too funny, if untrue ("The Love We Make" is more than a "good track", it's a masterpiece) - but it does take a lot of nerve to claim on eBay that you'd pay the buyer to take this off you if you could.

Moving on, there's a nice review of Prince's new single "Black Sweat" over at Blogcritics. This guy just about sums up why I think even eBay user muzik2myears might like the upcoming 3121.

"Black Sweat" succeeds simply because it contains the crux of Prince's entire songwriting career in its first line alone: "I don't wanna take my clothes off," he coos in that unmistakable falsetto, his voice sounding not a day older than it was in 1981 - "but I do."

You can view the video for "Black Sweat" here.

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