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and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

April again

Just like last year, this April fool's day once again provided me with a bunch of funny stories to share.

OpenOffice claimed to have been bought by Microsoft (via Chris), while Housequake.com did the same and announced it had become "the property of Paisley Park Enterprises".

Meanwhile, Google - who announced Google Romance this year - was outdone by Yahoo!, who decided to "buy Web 2.0. All of it." See: All Your Web 2.0 Are Belong To Us.

Here's an overview (German) of what the Swiss media had to offer, including Tagi's discovery of Mozart's actual grave in Florence. Unfortunately, this wasn't a joke, but my man Tobistar took care of it quickly and mercilessly.

And here's my favourite (because it would be so cool if it were true):
24's Jack Bauer will appear on Lost.

"The storyline ... involves Bauer crash-landing on the island in a WWII biplane after he is fired by CTU.

...Bauer's accident-prone daughter Kim on 24 has also signed on to appear in an episode where she trips and falls down."
Read/heard funnier ones? Post a link in the comments box.

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