I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around,
and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Confessions of a busy student

Life as a third year undergraduate student ain't easy.

By the time you feel halfway settled into a place, you're in your final year. Which means that if you actually want to continue having what they say is the best time of your life - i.e. being a student - you have to start filling out those application forms! And quickly - rolling admissions policies favour the early.

All this, of course, at a time when you really should be concentrating on those three essays you had to hand in last week. But you've been busier using your 10% student discount on buying this (a box set absurdly featuring both the best rock movie of all time and the worst movie - that's right, not rock movie, movie - of all time) and this (40 hours of the smartest and, without a shadow of doubt, funniest sitcom of all times). And just in case you thought about getting up and doing some work, one corrupt leader who has failed his people gets "re"-elected, another one dies, and both of them keep you in front of the TV watching the news.

And then they expect you to update your weblog regularly?!


Anonymous said...

ein armer, der J. und dann erst noch: "rolling admissions policies favour the early" - düster sieht's aus...

Judge Jonathan said...

Wart nur! Alle Zweifler (inkl. meiner Wenigkeit) sollen eines besseren belehrt werden.