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and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Internet Censorship Now!

We all knew about the dangers of the internet from the start.

It was no secret that with no one to control what goes online, no editing, no censorship, the world wide web would become a place where people could find whatever they wanted - including sickening and potentially dangerous things such as child pornography or instructions on how to make molotov cocktails.

Still, we might not have been prepared for it to go this far.

Today, I came across something which made me rethink my position on free speech. Judge Jonathan is now an advocate of rigorous internet censorship.

The reason?

Britney Spears has posted - free for anyone to access - a 'Honeymoon Poem' on her website. Read at your own risk.

A honeymoon at last, to get away from it all
My assistant Fe gave me the call.

I remember it well, as she was smilin'
She said it was called Turtle Island.

I packed my bags light and quick,
Then grabbed my pink dress & favorite lipstick.

We hopped on a plane and took our flight
I slept really well, all through the night.

As we arrive, I turn and look out the door,
People are greeting us right at the shore.

A meal, a shower and some ice cream
Then I threw my man down, you know what I mean!

Magical nights filled with stars
Silence is golden, no running cars.

Private dinners, romantic fires
Little piece of heaven, whatever your heart desires.

Friendly "hellos" and never goodbyes
When you're having fun, oh, how time flies!

As we sit and prepare to make our part
I thank you, Turtle Island, with all my heart!

Update (18/11): Add this to your list of news items that should have been censored:
CNN.com: Puppy love - Woman breastfeeds dog

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Anonymous said...

Herr Richter, wo Sie Recht haben, da haben Sie Recht.