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Monday, January 17, 2005

Ridge 2008?

Here's a transcript of Ridge's speech last Friday (pdf), and here are some links to newspaper articles.

The speech was fairly interesting (that is, I didn't fall asleep), to the extent that Ridge is a charismatic speaker, and didn't shy away from some critical audience questions (which you won't find in the transcript, unfortunately). He put a lot of emphasis on the large amount of cooperation between the US and Europe post-9/11, at one point accusing the media of under-reporting trans-Atlantic consensus and only highlighting the remaining differences.

His appeal for European nations to follow the United States in quickly adopting new biometric passport standards would have been, erm, interesting for many a Swiss citizen...

What I found most striking, however, was Ridge's quirky smile when asked by a Texan audience member whether he was considering running for office in 2008... I guess this isn't the last we've heard from Tom Ridge.

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