I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around,
and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

2 For 1!

I can't believe I haven't done this yet: Yesterday, I went to see a movie in my local cinema, and decided to stay for another one. Of course, once you've passed the guy who checks your ticket, you're free to wander around from screen to screen... the result: National Treasure was worth £5.50 - and let's just say I'm glad I didn't pay for 2046.

National Treasure proves that Disney might want to leave animation to someone else, because their non-animated movies are getting better and better. Like 2003's Pirates of the Carribean, National Treasure is 90 minutes of pure fun and adventure, and the idea behind the story - that the Founding Fathers of the USA hid a treasure of unimaginable value from the evil Brits and left a number of subtle clues for their descendants, including a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence - is quite fascinating when you think of it. There's something for everyone here, if you like action, adventure, Nicolas Cage, that German blond chick, or you're just a history geek.

Now 2046 didn't quite impress me that much. Maybe it's because I was getting increasingly hungry as the film progressed. In any case, this Chinese movie is about a man, his many women and a fictional train that takes you to a place where "nothing changes" - 2046, year and hotel room number at the same time. If anyone has seen it and liked it (or, for that matter, got what it's all about), please do enlighten me. Until then, I'll just repeat myself and say that you should only see this one if a) it's free and b) you're not starving like I was.


Chris said...

Hmmm, sounds like a lazy Sunday afternoon for judges - no northern irish court cases to deal with? ;-)

Anonymous said...

2046 isch letscht jahr als heisse kandidat ghandled worde, häd dänn aber glaub doch nöd gwunne - nöd will de film schlächt gsi wär, sondern will de regisseur na bis z'letscht dra gschaffed häd und au wos festival agfange häd sich nanig für e version häd chöne entscheide. für das isch er dänn bestraft worde (das wär, als wänn öpper z'spat a sini matur chämti...) - obwohl vill lüt 2046 als de bescht film vom festival agluegd händ.

apropos kino: da in züri lauft jetzt wider s'VOLTS&VISIONS festival a. am samstig wiä immer de höhepunkt: SMELL-O-RAMA filmvorstellig! das mal: "plan 9 from outer space" - "der angeblich schlechteste film aller zeiten" - budget dazumals: 800$! däzue gits us spezielle düse tolli düft, usgwählt vom dieter "yellow" meier himself! yo!