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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Speaking of which...

Since we're on the subject of good British humor:

I'm sure even those of you on the Continent have heard about the latest escapade of the boy known as Prince Harry. If not - well, he decided to show up at a friend's party (which had the fancy dress theme "colonial and native") as a Nazi, with swastika and all.
The Sun's headline the following day:

It is, of course, well known that Private Eye - Britain's equivalent of The Onion - always jump at the opportunity to make fun of the Royal Family. So without further ado, and to get to the point of this post, here's their take on the whole affair:



Anonymous said...

What point was he trying to make? Plus, the nazi outfit isn't even fancy! And he surely pissed off Hitler wherever he is. Was he trying to be funny??? Or maybe, he was way ahead of his time, stating that nazism is doomed to become a mere costume (that'd be cool). Thanx Prince!
Keep up with the good work. I enjoy reading your blog.

Judge Jonathan said...

I honestly wouldn't give him that much credit... the guy was just too stupid to realize that what would have been a tasteless (though harmless) joke for anyone else would inevitably be turned into a state affair in his own case. His grandmother is the friggin Queen for fuck's sake.

By the way, please call him Harry - that other name is already taken, and well-deserved :)

Inheriting Syria said...

This letter can be viewed at my very new weblog at:

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-8944

Phone: (909) 866-9310

To book.review@latimes.com
To Whom It May Concern:

I’m retired and my “activist hobby” has inspired me to write this letter while reading the book:
“Inheriting Syria: Bashar’s Trial By Fire”
By Flynt Leverett
From the books cover jacket it reads:
Leverett is a “senior” fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. He has served as “senior” director for Middle East affairs at the U.S. National Security Council, on the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, and as a “senior” Middle East analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Subject: Friendly Twenty-first century counseling with the Curse of Justice requested.

My viewing of Syria web pages, from which I received your email address, has shown me excellent examples of President Bashar al-Asad’s statement as being true. Bashar’s statement according to Leverett is that Bashar, is seeking to present himself as someone capable of leading Syria into the twenty-first century and one of his tools will be the Internet. This was written on page 64.

Below is a shorten version of a letter I sent to about 75 American newspapers and intellectuals of varying types. I’m ATTEMPTING to show how evil Internet Service Provider groups could easily make a client’s web site look as if the client is doing wrong.

Dear Markos (Unknown spelling of last name) Belindas @ www.dailykos.com

Warning to Markos, the creator of the most visited Internet political web blog, www.dailykos.com. A political web blog, which Markos claims, and it appears to be true, gets half a million Internet visits a day.

I saw you being interviewed on Brian Lam’s TV C-Span show: Q&A, 4/10/ 05. It appeared to me that your Internet web blog company is an unknowing puppet of the Democratic Parties, “Covert Propaganda”.

Your wanting to find out if you are NOT a puppet takes time, money and moral charter. Since you Markos, appear as a young innocent man with strong morals, I suggest you try auditing the companies that advertise on www.dailykos.com. See if the companies are really earning enough money to justify there advertising on your website. See if all those businesses advertising on your web site exist as individual businesses or if some are part of a conglomerate just buying space on your site in order to keep www.dailykos.com alive. Keep your company alive so they can use it to push their political propaganda under the disguise as public opinions. You might also like to audit the companies controlling www.dailykos.com computer servers to see if they are “under” charging you. Under charging you as another life saving devise for your company.

Please investigate to see if the companies controlling www.dailykos.com computer servers might be infiltrating other computer networks, thus obtaining information illegally from “anyone’s” personal Internet connected computers. Investigate to see if www.dailykos.com computer servers share that information with the Democratic Party in someway to cause computer election registration and computer Vote manipulation. I make this request because this information sharing is POSSIBLY a “secret design of the computer chip’s main function” for www.dailykos.com Internet servers. Today’s newest spyware by Microsoft’s Windows “OneCare” isn’t free or capable of stopping professional. In my opinion “OneCar” is only a form of hush money. For every action there is a counter action and the programmers and chipmakers are worldwide. It’s Microsoft and some other smaller players like Symantec Corp. going against the world, and the USA and the CIA are just some of the competitors. So it looks like job security for Microsoft and the others. Witticism intended.

It’s possible that if the Democratic Party gets caught in this illegal information sharing they just point fingers at www.dailykos.com as the unknowing responsible party selling voter information or identity theft. The matter goes to court, possibly a world court, and everybody pleads ignorant and the only ones hurt are the victims of war. A war created because of corrupt information. Information cunningly distributed by computer chips.

With that being said one can easily relate to Leverett’s book page 96, where Syria’s “Old Guard” is unwilling to summit too quickly to the capitalist Internet. But Leverett makes it appear as if the “Old Guard” is wrong in not submitting to the gradualist model of reform. I personally agree with the “Old Guard’s” unwillingness to submit too much to fast to the Internet world of “serious business”. As an educational tool and for fun the Internet world is beyond comparison, except for many personal experiences. Again reason to be more acceptable to many of the “Old Guards” old ways.

I myself don’t trust Leverett because of his ties with the CIA, the most untrusting agency in the world. I say FIRST America should show they have good intensions by sharing information that takes “quality” ACTION that helps the poor. The CIA helps American capitalism distort information while the starving and suffering poor only get prayers and crumbs of promises, which dribble artfully from the cunning lips of political and religious groups.

Computers of Mass Destruction, A Friendly Twenty-first century counseling.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

Syria’s Old Guard’s smiling responds in regards to Leverett’s book:
“Inheriting Syria: Bashar’s Trial By Fire”

“Old Guard Internet Statement of 1 Million Plus”

Because we of the “Old Guard” have had many years in government and have accomplished many great things, we would like to see a web-blog where we could make hyperlinks within the same page. Then we could make a long web-blog, say about 25 pages with an index on the top. Visitors and or Gamers could then click one of use “Old Guard” members name, then view and or Install into a game profile, the many wanted qualities each “Old Guard” member may have used to accomplish the achievements. That hyper link is not limited to just one 25-page web-blog of course. Visitors/gamers then should be able to easily congratulate the “Old Guard” member with a response to that particular achievement, and suggestions for helping the visitor/gamer.

Of course we of the “Old Guard” would expect all the other Internet up dates like web cam, video, easy connection to mobile phones, extra large folding screen to help us elders with our fading eyesight and special stereo volume control for those elders that can’t hear as good any more. Since many of us “Old Guard” members have lost our typing skills we would need voice command, with automatic translation into 50 or 100 of the most common languages, so replying to blog visitors/gamers doesn’t become to consuming of our time. Once the gamer/education idea catches on as fun, we members of the “Old Guard” would employ our own gamer staff to help educate other gamers.

Force-Feeding of Education to the Energy-Monopolizing Countries
Let’s not forget two of some “Old Guard” goals, which could be introduced into Internet educational games. These goals are intended to bring the U.S.A, Russia and others to their energy-monopolized knees.

First goal:
Inexpensive Photovoltaic cells. We can put cells in the electrical towers (that run along rail road lines) to energize batteries to run generators to run bigger generators that run trains etc.

Second goal:
Easley constructed desalinization plants using photovoltaic cells to heat seawater into steam, steam evaporates true pipes leaving the salt in the heating basin (which droops salt onto freight cars), cools then turns into fresh water. With these programs our poor Moslem brothers in Africa will not need to be under the thump of the oil stealing countries. Of course we will share our knowledge (Educational Games) worldwide for FREE. This force-feeding of education to the energy-monopolizing countries could stop one BIG reason for going to war.

Now start designing cities that are Senior friendly with lots of schools to teach the poor about making Photovoltaic and Desalinization plants. Lots of hospitals with stem cell research facilities to extend lives of the Senior members of the “Old Guard”. Hurry up. If we “Old Guard” members were your age we would have the plans already done and construction beginning. We would be pushing wars to the side and start writing laws to make woman totally equal to men. Deep in the hearts of many “Old Guard” members we know woman are superior to us men when it comes to teaching. Therefore most “Old Guard” members want to stress education for woman and male servants in the home to do the housework.

In order to make the above more achievable for you “Youngies” we the Old Guard weblog Statement of 1 Million plus, understand that mathematics, physics, social structures and God can best be taught to young girls and boys by the powerful teaching tools of games. For now Internet Games can educate and thus save the world in a manner that no other medium can match.

Curse of Justice
I Carl G. Mueller place the Curse of Justice upon the soles of pedophile Priests and those living and dead who protect(ed) them, like CA, Cardinal Mahony and Pope John Paul II. I place the Curse of Justice upon America’s Political Evil doers, like House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R, WI). I place the Curse of Justice upon, soon to be replaced, John P. Puerner, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of the LA Times. Puerner allowed the unfair treatment of author and investigative reporter Gary Webb. Webb committed suicide (or possibly killed by the CIA) and the Times wrote a indefensible obituary on 12/12/04 and overly cunning story on March 16, 2005, Calendar section, in which the LA Times refer to Webb’s book as “the 2-inch-thick-tome”.
Webb’s book:
“Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion”

I request others who might feel capable of bring about such a Curse of Justice (to those I referred to above) to Curse them the same. If I have no truthful justification for making such a request from you then I pray my catholic God will shift your Curse of Justice on to me 10 times.

Request to forward a copy to those whom you might think might want to help in the Cruse of Justice. Personally I see very little else that the poor and helpless can do to fight the control that the rich and powerful have. I can also be reached by email at:
From “Dark Alliance” Page 463
“And the truth of the matter, as I saw it, was that my editors were trying to rewrite history.”

Cindy said...

May 8, 2006

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68 Phone: (909) 866-9310
PO Box 120707 (The Original 07 Doubled)
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

To Whom It May Concern:
The Sun newspaper www.sbsun.com
San Bernardino, CA
Bob Balzer, Publisher and CEO bob.balzer@sbsun.com
Frank Pine, Senior Managing Editor, frank.pine@sbsun.com

Sun puts bright shine and dirty cops.

Front-page headline reads: Suit: Crime Stats Fudged.
A records clerk for the San Bernardino Police Dept. was ordered to remove about 1,200 cases, all at one time, mostly assault cases. She refused and then was fired.

The story goes on to say the removal of those 1,200 cases was ordered to improve the image of the city. I think the Sun does a disgrace to the community by saying the records where fudged. That was a calculated act of destroying evidence and obstructing justice. But why should the Sun Care? They want the safe uncorrupt image too.

I think the Sun does a disgrace to the community using more words trying to discredit the clerk rather then discredit the actions of the police.

I ask for the readers of this e-letter to call CA State Controller Steve Westly’s office (916) 324-8907, requesting for a “certified audit”. Compare the court cases and the money each has brought in compared to the cases on police records. According to the clerk those results will not balance.

If CA State Controller Steve Westly can’t do this, and that’s his area of expertise, then he doesn’t deserve to even run for Governor, let alone be elected.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

I have been in those long morning lines of people waiting to get into the San Bernardino courthouse. I have been part of that assembly line of injustice by dirty Mountain Sheriff Officers. I defended myself both times. I won them both. I wouldn’t be surprised if my cases are deleted. I wrote many letters about those two cases.

Big Bear Dove said...

May 20, 2006


Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68 Phone: (909) 866-9310
PO Box 120707 (The Original 07 Doubled)
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

To CA Highway Patrol, Director dre@chp.ca.gov & Management Training Instructors:
Bob.Holmgren@post.ca.gov, Merle.Switzer@post.ca.gov, Toni.Little@post.ca.gov, John.Dineen@post.ca.gov, Ken.Whitman@post.ca.gov, Mike.Hooper@post.ca.gov

Up grade phone and writing skills of CHP management.

May 19, 2006 I spoke to Lieutenant Sanders, Department of CA Highway Patrol Running Springs, CA. (909) 867-2791

For a person in his position and rank, I feel Lieutenant Sanders needs additional training in talking to the public over the phone and letter writing interpretation skills.

1. I don’t need to explain to the Lieutenant why I don’t always answer my home phone.

2. When I tried to explain to the Lieutenant that his May 5, 2006 letter to me (File No.: 855.10853) showed the Lieutenant didn’t understand my April 29, 2006 letter, the Lieutenant unprofessionally interrupted me and took control of the phone conversation. His control prevented my questing his understanding of my May 5, 2006 letter, thus the need for this letter.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

This whole problem with the Mountain Area Regional Transit Association MARTA is about the abusiveness of authority. Public servants need to know how the public feels, that’s the public’s responsibility.

Big Bear Congressman Jerry Lewis
1150 Brookside Ave., Suite J-5
Redlands, CA 92373