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Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Babe Theory

For all of you trying to make sense of recent developments in Lebanon, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and the like: The Babe Theory of Political Movements can help.

In a nutshell, the Babe Theory holds that socio-political action can only succeed if it is supported, or indeed spearheaded, by a large enough number of babes. This is because

Where and when there are hot babes, an exponential number of men will show up. If 100 cute girls with voluptuous bodies are protesting for freedom, you can count on a thousand men being there as well.

If sexy babes are involved in a peaceful political movement, it has a far greater chance of succeeding. If there are no good-looking women involved, the odds of a successful (and peaceful) movement fall dramatically.

Where and when alluring women are excluded from demonstrations, you can expect greater chances of strife, rioting, and failure.

Check the link for more on the theory (e.g. The Babely-Come-Lately Sub-Theorem and The Babe Prerequisite Corollary) and lots of pics of hot Lebanese babes.

(Thanks to M for sending this in.)


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Anaïs said...

Should I become a babe instead of looking for a f---ing job in Development? What do you think? Hey, it seems I'd have more chances to actually do something about this world (if anyone out there can make a difference)... Will think about it. Thanx for the info lol.