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-Kurt Vonnegut

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Windows of opportunity

Okay, that must be the worst play on words I've ever used in a post title. But Apple just announced its new computers will be able to run Windows XP, so anything goes. Hear me out.

Twice a year, the university I work for runs a special promotion for students and employees that offers Apple computers at discounted prices. This year - meaning, ever since the release of the Intel-based MacBook Pro - I have been seriously considering returning to the Apple family which I left sometime around 1999.

It's not hard to explain why. My VAIO is 3 1/2 years old, and takes almost 5 minutes to start up - and once you can actually use the thing, it's almost too hot to handle, literally. Plus, several friends are making the switch from PC to Mac - including a former Mac-hater. And hey, there was never a shadow of doubt in my mind that Mac OS X outshines Windows XP by far.

And then, yesterday's announcement. Imagine this: Have all the comfort, the luxury, the pleasure of using a Mac - plus the ability to switch back to Windows if you really need to. If there ever was a reason not to return to Apple, it's gone.

The window of opportunity* to knock 20% off the MacBook Pro closes in 24 hours (for me at least, as I'll be leaving the country once again tomorrow night). When it comes to buying computers, I just can't make decisions that fast. Plus, I've been told by various Apple users to wait for the second round of Intel-based Macs (which will include an iBook, I hope).

But the decision in principle is made, and this blog post makes it official: I am coming home.

*=See? That play on words really wasn't all that bad. By the way, I read about the Apple announcement here first - now, it's on the front page of the FT.)


Joel said...

That man convinced me to come over to the shiny silver side. A couple of thousand pounds later, I've never looked back. We look forward to welcoming you home, sooner or later!

Tobias said...

It's done. "Vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung".

Chris said...

Well, I guess I'll have to work out a commissions deal with our favourite fruit purveyor, then ;) Welcome to the Club anyhow!