I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around,
and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Switzerland reads Judge Jonathan

This blog is more powerful than you think. At least in Switzerland.

Over a year ago, I said: Save The Foifräppler!

And now?
NZZ: Fünfräppler wird nicht abgeschafft

Ha! Need more proof? Well, quite apart from my obvious influence on Swiss monetary policy, I am also shaping the debate in one of Switzerland's leading weeklies.

Only weeks after I caused something you could almost call a controversy in the comments to this post, the Weltwoche publishes an article on the Osho resort. (Too bad the author apparently joined the dark forces while he was there.)

Judge Jonathan: Be the first to know.


Simran said...

Johnny, johnny went to India. Had some fun and had an idea. Let me diss some robed folk. And give the blogos a bit of hope. There are other losers out there. So don't go getting your panties outa pair.

I like the fact that you took so much time out to visit India and write that review, but as I said on your post, in slightly provocative manner, you've got your facts wrong mister. You've come here as a tourist, I live here. I wonder who has a better idea of what's going. I go to the Osho Commune like every other day. The HIV test thing started in the 80s when AIDS was like a virus wiping out half of humanity. I know you're suggesting that people are made to take the test so that you can go and f*** everyone and thing in sight. Well, you are wrong. I have never seen more than two people kissing. It's a place for mediation and recreation. It's the latter of those two that I go there for. To swim and eat to be precise. You also call "followers" of Osho, cultists (I'll quote you if you like!). What in the world are you talking about?! He was an outspoken philosopher who's words were published as books. He built some meditation techniques, that helped him during his journey towards enlightenment. I'm not saying he was or wasn't enlightened, I'm just questioning your motives. I don't see why you've got such a bone to pick with this guy or anyone who's a member of the now "Meditation Resort". Another thing, "quest for true silence"? Back up your facts mister! After he came back from the USA and after having been allegedly poisoned by the government of the USA, he decided he had spoken enough and had nothing much more to say. Hence he went into a period of public silence. His quest, if there ever was one, was to achieve enlightenment, which I'm not sure he ever said he did. I personally believe that you were intentionally being controversial, just to stir up some shit. Well, it worked! You got your millisecond of fame! Yay! I don't follow your blog, but I got this link from a friend who does. Keep it up, maybe you are actually influencing the Swiss media! Just proves how reliable it is (SM). If you would like to see some pictures of how it actually is inside the place (which isn't restricted to anybody - practically public, as long as you're not HIV-positive), check out my Flickr stream. Here are some pics. And don't think I'm some great supporter of this chap or the place, I've just grown up here and I hate to see facts twisted and a place that I regularly visit be portrayed as a sexual playground for the loosely clothed.

Judge Jonathan said...


First of all, thanks for writing the longest comment ever on my blog. I do appreciate it.

As for what you've said, you've certainly made some good points.

But next time, please keep it polite and refrain from making outrageous, offensive comments such as "I don't follow your blog".

Thank you.