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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Olmert's pretty good idea

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry tells Elaine that the original title for "War And Peace" was "War - What Is It Good For?", and that it was Tolstoy's mistress who convinced him to call it "War And Peace"?

Well, here's a similarly crazy story. Except that this one is true:

PM Olmert: Man behind 'Pretty Woman'

'Pretty Woman,' one of the most successful romantic comedies in Hollywood's history, and the film that brought Julia Roberts her cinematic breakthrough as an actress, owes its name to none other than Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.


[Olmert] said: "Listen, I have an idea for you – why don't you call the movie 'Pretty Woman,' after the song?" - "Forget it," Marshall replied, "it's too kitschy." Milchan, on his part, also had his doubts. But Olmert, already an experienced politician, managed to convince the two his idea was not so bad.

Hm. Using song titles for names - maybe "War - What Is It Good For?" would have worked after all.

In any case, convincing others that your ideas are "not so bad" is quite an asset in the Middle East. Any bets on what else Olmert might push through during his term?

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