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-Kurt Vonnegut

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Floating sumos

What are twelve Japanese sumo wrestler superstars doing in Israel?


[T]he wrestlers, accompanied by a group of 18 coaches and managers, are to tour holy sites in Jerusalem and to prove that weight is no obstacle to floating in the Dead Sea.

Fair enough. But could weight be an obstacle to flying high in the air? I for one would think twice about boarding that plane. Get this:

The wrestlers weigh about 150 kilograms each and will each occupy three seats on the flight to Israel.

Wait a minute - does this mean that sumo wrestlers can never fly business class? Man, life for sumos is hard. Or, in Marty McFly's words: That's heavy.


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benjistoney said...


"Kotooshu is known in Japan as the David Beckham of sumo," said Moti Dichne, who grew up in Japan and is now the secretary of the Israeli Sumo Association. "He is on the cover of all of the magazines in Japan and people follow him very closely."

Wenigschtens gsehnds huerä guet us, wenn mer sie sogar mitem Beck chan vergliche!!