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-Kurt Vonnegut

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Of American cities and American spies

Whenever I'm fortunate enough to travel to the US on the Swiss tax payer's money, I try to add an extra day at the end of my trip to get a glimpse of the city I'm in. And sometimes, when I feel like doing something truly radical, I go see a movie that won't be out in Switzerland for a long time. Just to brag.

Over the past 12 months, this approach has made me see awesome things such as the San Diego Zoo, the liberty bell, Roger Federer and the criminally overlooked Crank.

Tonight didn't disappoint either. Braving the cold, I left the hotel and found myself in Millennium Park. Standing in the middle of insanely beautiful Pritzker Pavilion at night and just staring at the skyscrapers around you is every bit as amazing as you could imagine. People who've been here before told me Chicago sported the world's most beautiful (and oldest) skyline. They're right.

Any person in their right mind would have to treat themselves to a brand new movie after an experience like that. Breach, the true story of FBI agent and Russian spy Robert Hanssen, was the absolute right choice. Having seen The Good Shepherd a few days earlier - another spy movie, and not a bad one, either - I can only marvel at the fact that life gives us the best stories. Not about spies; about human beings. And if you stick to the facts, as Breach does, you get a film that doesn't need to construct layers upon layers of plot elements to be captivating. And one that stars Chris Cooper. Watch it. (Whenever it hits European cinemas - ha!).

Right - half a day left. Just enough for some sleep and some art (a lousy block away).

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