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and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

R.E.M. non-post

First things first: This is NOT a post.

Why? Because I was about to start telling you something about R.E.M. - and by God, I've talked about that band already. I posted something when the title of their new album was revealed; I posted something when a 30-second snippet of the first single from Around The Sun was made available; I posted something when the whole song was available; I posted something when I downloaded an R.E.M. gig via BT (in shitty quality, I might add).

And I could have posted more - for instance, when I bought two premium fanclub tickets (thanks to a fortunate error on remhq.com - I'm not even a fanclub member!) to their concert in Birmingham in February because the London show sold out in two minutes.

All that, and I'm not even that big of an R.E.M. fan! I just happen to think they're the best rock band in the world. But the fact that I have yet to write my first post on my all-time favourite artist surprises even me. Let's face it, in the last six weeks, I used my BT client to download about 15 GB of live material from him. And Musicology is still in heavy rotation on my iPod.

But I digress. The point of this non-post is: I won't post anything about R.E.M. until I review Around The Sun. Consequently, I can say with great pride that I won't post anything about www.myspace.com/rem, where you can listen to Around The Sun in its entirety, from beginning to end, including track 4, "Make It All Okay", which has got to be the most beautiful new song I've heard in years. But you're gonna have to find out about that on your own - Judge Jonathan isn't telling you!



Chris said...

This is a pretty darn big post for a non-post!

Not being knowledgeable about R.E.M. other than it designates some sleep phase - which would be preposterous for a rock band - one point you made got me thinking: What's the difference between a person who is a big fan of a band and one who thinks that that very band is the best rock band in the world? I don't want to be judgemental, since clearly this is your prerogative, but there is no big difference between the two ...

Judge Jonathan said...

I see your point. But consider this: I do believe R.E.M. are the best rock band in the world - but I do listen to more than rock! Plus, I wouldn't count, let's say, Bruce Springsteen, as a rock band.

Ah... who am I kidding. I am a fan... just that I do know of bigger R.E.M. fans, and I know that I myself don't even own all of their albums (though I'm not missing many), let alone bootlegs and such.

The point in my post was that the amount of time I spent writing posts about R.E.M. might be slightly disproportionate to the time I actually spend listening to them. Anyway.

If you really R.E.M. sleep-inducing, go listen to their 1994 album Monster, or better yet, my favourite, New Adventures In Hi-Fi (1996). You will change your mind.

shanonte said...

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Anonymous said...

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