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and don't let anybody tell you different

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Genius x Genius = FUNK

That's my musical equation.

If I had to choose two contemporary pop artists who deserve the title "genius", I think I'd have to say Stevie Wonder and Prince. And I'm pretty sure that's not an uncontroversial choice, either.

So imagine my delight when I heard Stevie Wonder's new (unreleased) single, "So What The Fuss" (RealAudio here). A couple of seconds into the track, Stevie says "Prince, pop it!", and the listener is treated to a funky guitar lick.

Now since we're talking about Prince here, there is obviously no confirmation - apart from the funkiness - from any official source (i.e. the NPGMC) that the guitar player actually is Prince. However, semi-official reports did confirm last week that Stevie Wonder was part of an all-star band that jammed with Prince & The NPG during Prince's '3121' Oscar afterparty. Other band members included Herbie Hancock and, apparently, Matthew McConaughey on the congas (picture that).

If Stevie is one of the 'old friends' we were told about a few weeks back, then 2005 is looking to be one hell of a year.

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